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Vectrex System from MB

One of the ultimate collectors items the Vectrex is a vector graphics based system. it has a 9 x 11 inch black and white screen and comes with a built-in Asteroids clone called Minestorm. Games came with plastic overlays that slide over the screen to cut down on flicker and give an illusion of color.

Also included is a self-centering, joystick with 4 buttons on the right. It uses an analog /potentiometer system allowing differing degrees of directional input.

Games such as Minstorm are absolute classics and are still fun to play today. The vector graphic display make this system stand out from every other home console ever made.

Vectrex Specifications
Motorola 68A09 (1.6 MHz 6809)
ROM: 8K x 8-bit
Vector-Based Screen: 9" B&W (no TV support)
8-bit Sound
CPU: General Insturments AY-3-8192
Vectrex Games
Vectrex Berzek
vectrex scramble
Vectrex Accessories
vectrex 3d imager

3D Imager
Uses a removeable spinning disk one came with each 3D game. These had it's own special color wheel which was inserted inside the glasses. Using a complicated timing mechanism, the wearer would be immersed in 3D color vector graphics.

3D Minstorm
3D Pole Position
3D Narrow Escape
3d Crazy Coaster

vectrex light pen art master
Light Pen
Allows you to draw in the screen.

Supported by:
Art Master (shipped with Light Pen)
Melody Master

^Some great footage which you can date by the haircut^
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Vectrex manual
Click the download button to get the manual in pdf.
NES console Manual
Get the full user manual in English. Sorry, no other languages available at the moment.


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Vectrex Sales

» PS1 Controller
Yes, you can actually get a Ps1 handset to work with a Vectrex (if you are an Electronic engineer)!