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GP32 Game Park

Retro-Game's favourite alternative to the GBA has got to be the GP32 from Gamepark. Its main advantages are the built in usb port and use of standard Smart media cards as used in digital cameras. This mean programming for it is a relatively simple and cheap.

Release 02 Feb 2002

This handheld from Korea is more that a match for the GBA. It has in its favour the released SDK, USB and use of standard smart media cards. These especially should make programming for it relatively simple. Expect Emulators and home brew games to start appearing. There are already some programming examples availble. Future releases also look promising with Breath of Fire 3, Street Fighter Zero 3 and Rockman X5 from Capcom, Fire Pro Wrestling from Spike, and King of Fighters from SNK

The GP32 is roughly the same size as a gameboy advance. The screen is slightly larger at 3.5" but (like the GBA) needs to be viewed at the correct angle and in good light. It takes 2 AA batteries with a quoted lifetime of 12 Hours. Basically the ideal platform for video game freaks, developers and collectors alike.


32 Bit RISC CPU (ARM9)


ROM 512 Kbytes
Storage SMC(Smart Media Card)


TFT 3.5" Reflective TFT LCD(65,536 colors)
Definition 320 X 240 Pixels


16Bit PCM Stereo Sound, MIDI support (over 32 poly), 4 Channel WAV Mixing
MP3 MPEG(I,II) Audio Support


Wireless multi-player gaming
PC Connection Cable USB Port connection cable


8-Way directional joystick, 4 buttons + start and select.

GP32 Software
GP32 Wolfenstein 3D and Doom

Some of the first games available for download are Doom and Wolfenstein 3d. Both very respectable conversions. Which were both available even before the amature SDK was released by Gamepark.

GP32 Little Wizard

Beat-em-up with cool graphics and some original characters. Players have limited special moves but can perfom magic spells such as turning the opponent temporaily into a snowman.

GP32 Dungeon & Guarder

Like Golden Axe with different character classes also features missile weapons, magic spells, experience points and best of all multiplayer wireless play.

GP32 Astonishia Story R

Role Playing game in Korean, looks good though.

GP32 Tomak - Save the Earth, again

Shootem up with typically strange graphics.

MegaMan X5

Capcom Megaman X5 on GP32, its good to see some quality developers making games for it, looking forward to this one being released.

GP32 SNES Emulator

Heres a picture of SNES9XGP running on the GP32, it has been ported by Intelecto. Its still in an early beta version with no sound and its running a bit slow but with a bit of optimisation to do its looking good so far.