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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the first game in the franchise to make the big leap into the 3D World. With sword in hand, Link succesfully managed to leap his way onto the N64. The gameplay changed from side-scrolling and top-down, to a third-person perspective. The new gameplay was hugely backed and loved by millions. To this day, Ocarina of Time still grasps it's status as the People's Favourite Zelda Game

Game Info

: Nintendo 64
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: November 21, 1998
Players: 1
Save: Battery

Game Controls
Analog Stick:
Move Link
A Button:
Main Action Button
B Button:
Main Attack Button
L Button:
Show/Hide On-Screen Minimap
R Button:
Raise Shield
Z Button:
Center Camera behind Link/Lock-on to Target
C Up Button:
First-Person View, Respond to Navi, Play Ocarina Note
C Down, Left and Right Buttons:
Use Assigned Items, Play Ocarina Note
Zelda: OOT Hints and Help
Unlock Fire Arrows
After you have completed the Water Temple, Wait for daytime (or play the sun song), and fire an arrow into the sun.
Unlock Ice Arrows
Complete the Gerudo Training Course
Unlock Light Arrows
Complete every temple in the game and speak to Shiek
Freeze Re-Dead
Trouble with Re-Dead? Whip out your trusty Ocarina and play them the sun song!
Chicken Frenzy Madness!
Admit it, some time or another, we have all attacked a chicken in Ocarina of Time. Well try furiously slashing them like you would an enemy! Perpare yourself for what comes next! SAVE FIRST!!!