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Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment system (NES) was hugely popular, its sucess must be largley due to the huge number of quality games that were released on the system. The first games in the Zelda series were released along with classic arcade conversions such as Gauntlet and double dragon. Not to mention the ever popular Mario 1, 2 and 3.

Japan 1983

Released in several different designs this is one of the newer ones. Also released as a top loader version in Japan and some counties such as Australia. There are also a lot of pirate versions around.

USA 1986

Uses larger carts than the Japanese version. Suffers badly from dust and a design fault which means its difficult to get older systems to work.

Pirate Version
1984 - Present

There are loads of pirate versions of the NES about this is just 1 of them. Pirate systems are still being made with versions such as the Mega Joy which has games built in.

Famicom Disk

Famicom Disk System :The system was a disk drive for the Famicom attached through the cartridge port. Sold over 4 million in japan but never released in Europe due to the easy with which software was pirated.


6508 (using a custom Motorola 6502 class), 1.79 Mhz


Maim RAM: 2 KB
Video RAM: 2 KB


Display: 256x240
Colors: 52
Colors on Screen: 16
Max Sprites: 64
Max Sprites / Line: 8
Sprite Size: 8x8 or 8x16
icture Scroll Horizontal / Vertical


Mattel designed the Power Glove for the NES

NES licensee, designed the package. It includes a mat with eight control buttons on it and the Athletic World game cartridge.

Shop unit which switched between a selection of games.


ROB is a gray plastic robot that is one foot high. When the television screen is turned on, a chip is powered in its head causing it to move. ROB's actions (like picking up a stack of chips) activate movement on-screen.


NES Satellite. This peripheral enabled four players to play a single game at the same time. Four joypads can be plugged in to this unit.

NES manual

Save the zip file to your PC and then use windows to extract the files. Get the full user manual in English. Sorry, no other languages available at the moment.