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Sony Playstation

Never Released

The Sony PlayStation began life as the SNES PlayStation, an add-on peripheral for the Nintendo SNES, but after a dispute between Sony and Nintendo over control of licences, Sony was dropped from the project. In order to use some of the technology developed during this period Sony Computer Entertainment Division was formed. The result of which was the Playstation One.

Sony Playstation
US on September 9, 1995

The original playstation design.

Sony PSOne

Exactly the same as playstation one but in a new smaller white case. A monitor is also available for this model, though without power its portability was limited.

Sony PS2
March 24, 2000 in Japan

The PS2 was the 1st mass selling 128 bit system.



CPU: 32-bit R3000A RISC running at 33.8688 MHz, 30 MIPS, bus bandwidth 132 Mb/sec C


RAM: 16 Mbits
VRAM: 8 Mbits
Operating System ROM: 4 Mbits


Colour Palette: 16.7 million colours.
Resolution: 256x224 - 640 x 480.
Resolution: 256 x 224 - 740 x 480.
Geometry Engine: 3D Geometric Transfer Engine 1.5 million flat-shaded polygons per second, 500 000 texture-mapped/light-sourced polygons per second.
Sprites: 4,000 8 x 8 pixel sprites with individual scaling and rotation


Sound: ADPCM, 24 channels, 4 Mbits Sound RAM, 44.1 KHz sampling frequency


CD-ROM: XA2 double speed CD-ROM, 256K CD-ROM buffer
Memory Cards: 128 Kbyte flash-memory cards

Sony Playstation Games

Near acade perfect Ridge Racer was the first of many driving based games, and an early playstation success. Eventually far surpassed by the Gran Turisimo series.

Tekken was for many the first decent 3D beat em up

Final Fantasy was for many the first game to touch on deep emotion.

Tony hawks skateboarding, one of the best games to come from the playstation era.

Sony Playstation Accessories

The dual shock controller became pretty standard.


Dance mats were popular arcade spin-offs towards the end of the playstation shelf life.

Memory card