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The 32x is an add-on which sots on top of a megadrive/genesis console. It is most notable for providing some of the first texture mapping seen on a console.

32x unit


commadore Vic 20

The 32x slots into the cartridge port of the Genesis and via a pass through cable on the back. It contains its own microprocessors to enhance the abilities of the Genesis, mostly by providing better graphics and some 3D abilities. The 32x can be used on conjunction with the Sega CD. There are however only a few US FMV games which support it.

commadore 64

CPU TWIN Hitachi SH2 32-bit RISC Chips 23Mhz each
SOUND Stereo PCM Chip. Adds an 2 extra channels
RAM 512 Kilobytes
DISPLAY: 32,768 colors, 50,000 texture-mapped polygons per sec. Hardware scalling / rotation.

commadore 16

Neptune would have been a megadrive with a 32X built in (Prototype only)

32x Games

32x games come on carts similar to the standard Mega Drive carts but sligtly heavier. There is not a huge range of 32x games (about 32). Recommended titles are Virtua Racing Deluxe, Space Harrier.

Sega Virtua racing 32x
commadore +4

One of the best versions of Virtua racing, as good if not better than the saturn version. This game was a great example of what could be done with the improved 3D capabilities.

commadore 116
Sega Star wars 32x

You shoot 3D tie fighters, graphics were ok for the time but the game isn't great. One for StarWars fans and collectors really.

Space Harrier

Space Harrier is one of the better 32x games. Its quite close a conversion of the arcade version.

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