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Atari Lynx

Lynx 1
Atari Pong

World's first hand-held color video game system.

Lynx II
Atari Pong

Smaller and lighter than the original. Power LED, longer battery life, headphones support stereo. Can experience "blinking pixel syndrome".

Atari Lynx Specs

'Mikey' 16-bit CMOS chip running at 16MHz. [sound, video, cpu]
'Suzy' 16-bit CMOS tunning at 16MHz. [blitter, math coprocessor]


DRAM- 64K 120ns


3.5" diagonal LCD display.
16 of 4096 colour pallette.
160 x 102 resolution.


4 channel sound. 8-bit DAC each channel (32 bits).
Stereo with panning (mono for original Lynx)


Headphones -mini-DIN 3.5mm stereo; wired for mono on the original.
ComLynx -multiple unit communications.
9V DC, 1A Power.
Game card slot.
6XAA Battery holder.

Lynx Peripherals

AC adaptor

ComLynx cable. multiplayer device. Both machines will reqire a copy of the game.

Sun Shield. Shades the Lynx screen from sunlight for outdoor play.

Cigarette lighter adaptor.

Battery pack. Holds six batteries, and can be attached with a belt clip. Provides power for up to 20 playing hours.

Carrying pouch. Holds the Lynx, several games and a ComLynx cable