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Questions about Packing your parcel

Which box is suitable?

You will need a strong two or three ply cardboard box with no holes for handles. Sub-standard and damaged boxes can fall apart in transit.

Is the box strong enough? The table below may help you choose the most suitable box material. The letters ‘gsm’ are the standard measurement for paper/card thickness. We also recommend an inner cushioning lining of at least 50mm as further protection against damage.

Weight of contents/ Grade of box
  • Up to 10kg: 300gsm
  • 10kg-15kg: 150gsm double wall
  • 15kg-35kg: 200gsm double wall

The weight limit per parcel and maximum parcel sizes for the four couriers we use can be found here.

How do I pack my parcel?

Tape the inside bottom seam of the box to strengthen it before packing.

Brittle case games (e.g. PS1, Dreamcast) and fragile items: Wrap each item in the parcel individually in newspaper or bubblewrap. Padding is not necessary between DVD/PS2 etc as long as there is some padding lining the box (see below). If you use bubblewrap for padding, please don't put tape on the bubblewrap as we recycle it.

Pad the contents: Expanded polystyrene chips; polythene foam; bubble wrap air cushions or crumpled paper around all items is a good cushion against knocks and vibration. Make sure all void spaces within the box are filled otherwise the box could break open when stacked in transit.

Seal the parcel well: Once packed, the box needs securely sealing with packing tape (Sellotape is not strong enough) over the top and bottom seams.

If these guidelines are not followed and we are arranging the courier, then no claims will be paid out. If games cases arrive cracked or broken, they will be classed as scruffy and you will receive the scruffy price for the case as shown in the selling basket.

Can I add to my quote after it has been submitted?

We are happy to receive extra items - please add them to the parcel with a note mentioning the extra items. Alternatively, you can add a note to the quote by pressing the yellow edit button here. Please note that the accessory limit still applies and you might not receive for them - more info here.

If you want to fix the price for the extra items, please include a screenprint of them in the basket with their prices showing or write the prices on the note. When we receive the parcel, we add them to the quote total and email you a statement showing the extra items when the quote is paid.

NB: If the extra items are heavy, please check that the parcel does not exceed the weight limit shown on the courier label. If we incur an overweight surcharge from the courier, it will be deducted from the final price paid.

Do you take duplicates?

The cart is set up for up to five of each item (only 2 of each if current generation). When you try to add the second there should be a message 'You already have one of this item in your cart' in red with a green button next to it labelled 'add another'.

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