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Virtually created the home market in video games with the release of space invaders in 1979. It was the first home license of a coin-op video game which proved immensely popular and sold in its millions and despite several ups and downs Atari is still a big name in the gaming industry now being owned by Infrogrames.



Atari Pong

Atari's first consumer product. The idea was to take all of the components of the coin-op Pong board designed by Al Alcorn and put them onto a chip. Fairly rare to find one in the UK but sold in the millions in the US.

Video Pinball
Atari Video Pinball

Atari took the classic mechanical pinball game and turned it into a video rendition. Features controls built into the console. Quite rare to find one in the UK.

Atari VCS

The Atari VCS and 2600 must be one of the most popular home consoles ever produced. First released in 1978 it is also one of the first. There is at least 800 games available many of which are simpler versions of popular arcade games such as Pac-Man, Space invaders and Defender.

atari 7800

Atari released an improved version of the 2600 released in 1986, features a built in version of Asteroids. Backwardly compatible with the VCS and featured new joystick designs in the uk. Loads of arcade conversions such as Commando Ikari Warriors and Raiden. It's surprising it didn't do better as the games were much better than the 2600 versions. With backwards compatability built in - making a huge library of games readily available.

Atari 5200
Atari 5200

Used the state-of-the-art hardware they put into their 400/800 home computers. However, it was never as successful as it predecessor mainly due to its lack of decent games, most being the same tired old releases that had already been seen time and again and although much improved over their Atari 2600 counterparts.

Atari 400
Atari 400

One of Atari's first home computers featured a MOS Technology's 6502 microprocessor with a
Speed of 1.79MHz

Atari 800
Atari 800

MOS Technology's 6502 microprocessor, 1.79MHz.
RAM :8KB(later models contained 16KB/48K)

Atari 400

130XE had 130,000 bytes of memory and the XE stood for XL line Enhanced

520 ST
Atari 520

When first released in the US the 520ST was $799.99 (monochrome monitor) and $999.99 (color monitor)
The Inclusion of full MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) ports, meant musicians could plug their keyboards and sequencers directly into a computer and helped sales enormously.

Atari 400

Atari handheld featured a 16-bit graphics processor, 3.5" color LCD screen with a resolution of 160 x 102. Also made the Lynx 2 enhanced version.

Atari 400

The Atari Jaguar was arguably the world's first 64-bit home console video game system. Developed after three years of research, manufactured by IBM, the Jaguar was released in Autum 1993. Never really took mainly due to a lack of decent games and support. Tempest 2000 being the notable exception.

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