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Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK)


Multi-Video System
The cartridge-based arcade system that allows one to six games to be loaded. Comes in many different cabinets but basically consists of an add on board that can be linked to a standard Jamma system. If more than one game is available, players are able to select the title of their choice, some cabinets also imposed a timelimit much like the Nintendo system.

AES Cart System

Took the arcade motherboard and placed it in a console shell to create the Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System, otherwise known as the Home Cart System. The original system features a Motorola 68000 16-bit processor. Other innovations include Multi-Link where two Neo-Geo home systems can be linked together, via a cable. Interestingly, this allowed for play on two separate televisions. Also, one of the first systems to use a memory card for use on other Neo-Geo consoles and with any MVS arcade cabinet featuring the same game.

Neo-Geo CD

The same hardware as the original platform but CDs are a much cheaper medium for releasing games. Unfortunately, the Neo-Geo ROM drives are single-speed and it takes a long time to load the games compared to the cartridge system.

Neo-Geo CDZ 1994

Increased the CD speed up to a Double-speed CD-ROM drive for shorter loading delays. Unfortunately, the CDZ was only released in Japan.


Truely brought the arcade into the home with loads of great games available on CD and Cartridge. Probably best know for its huge range of Fighting games. There are also some classic shootem-ups such as Blazing Star and Platform games such as Metal Slug. Many Neo Geo games were re-released onto the Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Colour.

Prices vary on Neo Geo home carts with some available from around £30-45 while some of the better games such as Blazing Star have been know to sell for up to £1000. Surpisingly, games are still being released -with Metal Slug 4 being the latest. A cheaper route to playing games is to get the arcade versions which while being exactly the same game are usually a lot cheaper. However, the cheapest option overall is to get the CD version but loading times for games is quite long and not all games are released on CD format. Availabilty is quite good considering how much they originally cost on import but prices are still quite high.

Blazing Star

Horizontal scrolling shooter with sprite based 2D graphics. Up to two players can simultaneously fly their way through seven levels. Features some impressive end of level bosses. Players can choose from six fighters which all handle differently and have different shooting abilities.

Samurai Shodown

One of the first weapons-based 2D Fighters.There is also a sequel, Samurai Shodown II.

King of Fighters

Released in loads of different versions, probably one of the best known neo geo games. Now also available on the Neo Geo Pocket.

Last Blade

Another weapons based 2D fighting game from SNK. Players can choose from twelve fighters as well as two modes to fight in. Power mode another game now available on the Neo Geo Pocket.