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Questions about getting a Quote

Getting a Quote - Step By Step Guide

Find it by barcode

  • Type or scan in a barcode in the box in the middle of the page here.
  • The 13 digit barcode is usually found of the back of the game case.
  • We need the original barcode which may be under a shop sticker
  • Some very old games didn't have barcodes
  • Enter the barcode and click 'search', it will be added to your selling basket
  • If we are not buying it, a message will appear
  • If the barcode has already been added, a green button will appear to add more (up to five of each is allowed but only two of each if current generation)
  • Check the basket picture

Find it by Title

  • Type a keyword in the search box in the middle of the page here.
  • You can choose a platform to narrow your search.
  • The search results can be sorted alphabetically or by platform
  • Click the "Get price" button to store it.
  • If we are not buying it, a message will appear
  • If it is a duplicate, it will not go in the basket
  • Check the basket picture

Add more games

  • We need you to send at least 10 items (priced over 26p each and at least 70% games/ less than 30% accessories)
  • The total must be at least £50 excluding postage credit (you can send up to 5 of the same item)
  • You can click 'save for later' to keep the quote for 4 weeks (you'll need to open a basic account)
  • Games in the saved basket will change in price daily
  • The 'Continue' button lights up when you have enough

Tell us about problems

  • Each item in the basket can be edited
  • Update scruffy or missing cases, manuals etc
  • Check our rules for scruffy items here

Choose how you want to be paid

  • Choose 'Shop Credit' for the best price
  • Choose 'PayPal' if you have a PayPal account
  • Review your prices for each option

Choose how you want to send your parcel

  • If you're sending it yourself, we will give you a postage credit
  • The postage credit is then shown at the bottom of the basket
  • Choose the 'Courier' option for us to collect

Add Quote Details

  • You will be asked to login or create an account.
  • Enter a payment address
  • We need an address even if you are sending the parcel yourselves
  • Type in a valid PayPal email if you are being paid by PayPal
  • Choose a collection date for courier if we collect
  • Read our packing guidelines here

Get Quote

  • Tick to accept our packing and selling Terms
  • Click the 'get quote' button to complete the Quote
  • We'll email you a copy of your Quote
  • You will receive a quote number valid for 14 days
  • You'll be forwarded to a Quote Status page

Get Quote Status

  • On the Quote Status page:
  • You can add courier instructions
  • You can print off the courier label here
  • If you are sending, you can enter the post date and tracking no
  • Check the status of your quote
  • View queried items
  • Reprint your Quote document

Ready to start selling games? Type in your game here.

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Which platforms do you buy?

We currently buy the following platforms (but the list is increasing regularly):

2600, 32x, 32x CD, 3DO, 3DS, 7800, Amiga, Book, C64, ColecoVision, Dreamcast, DS, Game and Watch, GameCube, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA, Gamegear, Intellivision, Jaguar, Jaguar CD, Master System, MegaCD, Megadrive, MSX, N64, NeoGeo AES, NeoGeo Pocket, NES, Non-game Items, PC Floppy, PC CD, PC DVD, Plug and Play TVs, PS Vita, Playstation, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP, PSP UMD, Saturn, SNES, Spectrum, Switch, Tabletop, Vectrex, Wii, Wii U, XBox 360, XBox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

How do I get paid?

We offer two methods of payment:

Shop credit

1) Retro-Games Shop Credit

You can use Shop Credit to buy more games at Retro-Games. As soon as we book in your games, your account will be updated. The next time you log in, the credit will be ready to use. This option offers the best value for money and there's no time limit on when you have to use it up.

We're a rapidly growing business with more and more titles being added each week. You also benefit from our great pre-owned prices - much lower than RRP.

2) PayPal instant transfer

PayPal for fast payment

We've been using PayPal to pay for £Millions of games on this website for the past 14 years. It enables us to send payments immediately without the hassle of writing cheques. You avoid the the complications of waiting for a cheque and taking it to the bank. You can use the funds immediately to buy goods from anywhere that accepts PayPal. We will even cover the standard PayPal transaction fee for you (not any other fees e.g subsequent transfer to a UK bank account - although this is usually free depending on your bank). Please ensure that your default receiving currency is GBP (in PayPal: "Money/Manage Currency") otherwise PayPal will charge you a currency conversion fee which you will be liable for. International customers: if your PayPal account is set up in a different country, you will be liable for the PayPal fee when PayPal converts the GBP payment into your currency.

When you press 'Get Quote', we send an email to the PayPal email address - please follow the instructions in the email to verify the address for payment.

Not set up with PayPal? Here's a link to the PayPal site.

Money in your PayPal account can easily be transferred to your UK bank account (in your PayPal account, the option is usually in 'Money/Withdraw Money'). The process is usually very quick depending on the bank; for example transfers to HSBC can be visible in minutes.

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When do I get paid?

At Retro-Games, we aim to be the fastest at getting you paid and 98% of quotes are paid within 2 working days of receipt. We are currently paying quotes within 36 hours of receipt. Quotes received on Friday are usually paid on Monday.

You will receive an email from us when your parcel(s) arrives. The email will indicate your position in the queue for processing and the estimated time for processing. In practice, quotes with a large number of consoles/ accessories take slightly longer to process.

When your quote has been checked, you will receive an email notifying you that your quote is ready for payment and the email will include a reconciliation of differences (if any) between the stated amount and the amount paid. If you have chosen shop credit, the credit will be available immediately. If you have chosen PayPal, the payment should be in your account within 2 hours.

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How do I grade my items?

At Retro-Games, we believe that customers who have managed to keep their collection in good condition should get a better price for their games than those that have not. We have developed our selling basket so that you get the opportunity to tell us about missing or scruffy cases, inlays or instructions and get a valuation for those before you place your quote. We believe that we adopt a fair approach to grading the quote when it arrives so that you should not get any unpleasant surprises when the quote is processed. Having said that, by sending us your items you accept that our judgement is final i.e. the price we pay out will be based on our appraisal of the condition of your quote.

When you add your games, accessories and consoles to the selling basket, they will appear in the basket in good overall condition complete with instructions and inlays. It is then up to you to identify whether there are missing parts, scruffy parts or faulty items. The following (not-exhaustive) list explains what we consider to be scruffy or faulty items:

'Scruffy' discs/carts:

  • The disc has 'fingernail' scratches: these are deep scratches that can be felt with a fingernail or
  • It is significantly scratched: literally hundreds of marks or
  • There is a 'void', retailer or similar sticker firmly glued to the top of the disc
  • Either of the first 2 cases above will fail our inspection. The disc will have to be tested, put through our machines three times, then tested again. That is why the price offered for scruffy discs is lower. Fortunately, we don't receive many of these!
  • If they fail the testing stage, they will then be classed as faulty
  • 2mm-10mm in total of hairline cracks in the centre of the disc/ spindle area which require a reinforcement sticker to be applied (see faulty discs note below)
  • Cart casing cracked or broken (including PSP/UMD cart casings which are are difficult/time consuming to replace).

'Faulty' discs:

  • The disc has dents, indentations, warping or cracks rendering it irreparable or
  • Cracks extending from the centre of the disc to the inner band separating the inner spindle area from the data area which will worsen with continued use
  • Splintering/missing fragments (usually in the middle of the disc due to the action of taking the disc out of its case) which may cause the disc to spin unevenly and damage the console
  • It has data damage e.g. scratching to the top face of the disc which has impacted the data layer of the disc or
  • When tested, it fails to load, freezes during gameplay or has jumpy audio or video.

'Scruffy' cartridges:

  • Badly corroded or discoloured contacts or
  • There is a void, retailer or similar sticker firmly glued to the top of the cart or
  • If it has an onboard memory battery which is flat or
  • The cart plastic is quite heavily scratched or damaged or
  • Game plays in English but cart stickers not UK language
  • The cart sticker is missing, ripped, torn, artwork faded/rubbed out

'Faulty' cartridges:

  • When tested (after being cleaned), it fails to load, freezes during gameplay or has jumpy audio or video.

'Scruffy' manuals (and inlays):

  • The manual/inlay has suffered damage as a result of being chewed or bitten or
  • There are corners cut off, pages torn out, ripped or torn pages (rips or tears under 2cm are acceptable as long as the page is intact) or
  • It has been written in using indelible ink or written in pencil so hard that the writing is embossed in the page (neat writing on notes pages is not scruffy) or
  • There are food/liquid stains, mildew or it has clearly been used as a tea mat or
  • It is heavily creased to the point where the crease has caused a ridge in the paper or ink loss e.g. a creased white line (over 20cm in total) or
  • It has suffered damage as a result of exposure to damp or liquid or noticably sunfaded or
  • There are stickers firmly attached or retailer initials written in indelible ink or
  • Manual staples have rusted and stained the manual or
  • The pages are loose, badly glued in place or attached with tape
  • Inlays are defined as the printed artwork which is normally in the front/back or sleeve of the case to identify the game. Sega Saturn and Nintendo card box games e.g. SNES etc have the inlay built in to the box.
  • Inlays or manuals will be classed as missing if they are not the correct ones for the game or they are not in English. They will also be classed as missing if they are unusable e.g. pages stuck together or missing, words illegible, fire damaged or generally extremely scruffy.

'Scruffy' used game cases:

  • The case is complete but cracked (cracks over 1cm long) or
  • The case is complete but ripped or torn (thin tears over 2cm long, ripped areas over 1x1cm) or
  • There are food/liquid stains or mildew or
  • Part of the case is missing or
  • Hinges are broken or card box flaps (including side/dust flaps and end/closing flaps) are missing or
  • Card boxes noticably squashed or misshapen
  • Card boxes heavily creased to the point where the crease has caused a ridge in the cardboard or ink loss e.g. a creased white line (over 20cm in total) or
  • There are retailer stickers firmly attached (genuine publisher/developer stickers are fine)
  • PS1/ Dreamcast - we don't mind broken disc holders as these are easily replaceable
  • Please note that missing or scruffy inlays/game artwork are graded seperately
  • A case is classed as missing if it is clearly different from the intended case for the game
  • Unusable cases will also be classed as missing e.g. not fit for purpose, falling apart, significant pieces missing, fire damaged or generally extremely scruffy.

'Scruffy' consoles:

  • The case is cracked or noticably scratched or yellowed/faded or
  • Port cover/cart slot cover missing or
  • Disc tray sticking or
  • The console is barred from using an online service e.g. XBox Live

'Faulty' consoles:

  • When tested, it fails to load games, fails to power up, overheats, excessively noisy or
  • freezes during gameplay or has jumpy audio or video or
  • Laser struggles/slow to read discs
  • Power or aerial/AV socket loose or
  • Faulty or missing power supply or
  • Certain functions don't work for example PS2 won't play DVDs, controller port not working

'Scruffy' PS3/PS4/WiiU/XBoxOne/PSP/UMD/Bluray discs:

  • PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One games and Bluray films have a very thin plastic layer between the playing side(underneath) and the data layer. This is dictated by the BlueRay technology as BlueRay has a short wavelength compared to DVD. Because the layer of plastic is so thin (5 times thinner than a DVD underneath) it has been hard-coated to resist all but the most brutal of scratches. We cannot repair these scratched discs to the level of quality expected by our customers and we find that a quantity which pass our initial tests still fail during subsequent gameplay. PSP and UMD discs rely on the plastic case for protection and there is no protective layer on the disc itself - any scratches on these discs can cause data damage. For this reason, scruffy PS3/PS4/WiiU/XBoxOne/Bluray/PSP/UMD discs are priced lower than other discs and we reserve the right to return them without payment.

New/Sealed Items

We may offer an additional amount for new sealed games. The tickbox will be visible when you click to edit your item in the selling basket. To qualify as a new sealed game, the case must have no cracks, dents, squashing, no sign of liquid ingress or any other damage which would be otherwise classed as scruffy. There can be no sign of attempts to open the wrapping (small tears in shrinkwrap are acceptable). The wrapping must be as stated by us for the item e.g. 'Factory sealed with tearstrip'. If the tickbox is ticked for a game which is damaged or not sealed in accordance with our description, the new price will not be paid.

We do not shrinkwrap used games and resell them as new sealed but it is a common practice in the industry. These games are easily recognizable by us as not new and the item will not be eligible for the new sealed price.

Do you accept copied/counterfeit items?

No - Retro-Games staff are trained to spot fake games on receipt. We have a range of pointers for identifying fake Gameboy Advance and DS games, Megadrive carts, reproduction cases, sleeves etc. We do not offer any money for fake items; any items identified as fakes by us are immediately rendered unusable and disposed of. NB We do not offer a price for 'Converted' carts/carts with chips soldered onto donor ciruitboards (Megadrive, Neo Geo AES etc).

In the sell cart, we offer a price for 'nongen' accessories, this price is for third-party equipment which does not infringe the rights of the original manufacturer for example Joytech handset, Madcatz memory card etc.

How do you calculate the prices?

We work out the prices that we offer for your games based on a market value which reflects the demand for each individual title. These prices are matched in the market on a regular basis. The price may change with seasonality but games prices generally fall over time (apart from some collectible rare titles). Our prices also change based on the quantity we have in stock e.g. we will pay you more for a game if we have a low stock holding.

The condition of the games also affects the price - you can select the condition for each item and the price is adjusted accordingly.

Do you accept Consoles and Accessories?

Consoles and accessories are an important part of our business but they are very time consuming to check and test. We have found that unless there is a cap on the level of accessories allowed in a quote, we can quite easily get too many accessories to be able to process quotes promptly.

As a result, we have introduced a limit on the level of accessories that we will accept. The limit works by calculating the ratio of games to accessories as you add to the quote. A warning is displayed if there are too many accessories and you will not be able to checkout until some are removed from the basket or enough games are added to correct the balance. Please note that if you decide to send additional accessories as extra items not listed in the quote, you will not receive payment for them if they exceed the limit of allowed accessories for that quote.

The current level of games required in a quote is 70%. For example, if you have 42 games to send, you can also send up to 18 accessories. Consoles are counted as the sum of the parts which need to be tested - most consoles count as 4 accessories, Wii consoles count as 6. Games with accessories also count as the sum of the parts which need to be tested - for example, a Guitar Hero Complete Band counts as 3 accessories. The ratio fluctuates depending on our workload and stock of consoles/accessories.

Do you buy large bundles of low priced games?

We get enough low priced games in the general course of business and regularly sell these in bundles of 50 or 100 - so we're not looking to buy additional bulk lots of low value games from resellers. As a result of this, we have introduced a quality threshold which means that you cannot checkout if you have a large quantity of games which work out at an average price of under £2.00.

Do you accept NTSC games and consoles?

We currently accept a limited range of US/NTSC games. When you search for a game by title, we are only accepting US/NTSC games if NTSC format is listed under the game title. If there are only PAL format games listed for that title, we are not accepting NTSC games. We are not currently buying NTSC/import consoles.

If you send an NTSC format game when we have specifically offered a price for a PAL UK game, we will pay you half the PAL price (subject to it being complete, in good condition and works normally on an unmodified UK console).

We will also pay half the PAL quote price for USA multi-region DS (not DSi enhanced), Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA, PS3, XBox One, and XBox 360 import games(not region locked); they may look and play similar to UK games but they are less desirable to collectors and even many casual gamers. This is because they represent a cheaper option on release than UK titles and there may uncertainty over whether all the online features etc will work on European servers. We are not currently buying Dsi enhanced import titles which do not work on UK consoles. We pay 20% of the PAL price for USA Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64, NES (including PAL B), PS1, PS2, Saturn, SNES and Xbox games. We offer a 25% lower price for Australian PAL games if there is a European version available. We are not buying XBox 360 import titles which have been region locked (about 50% of them). You can tell a US import game from the age rating logo on the case:

Do you accept Promo/ Ex rental or Demo games?

We pay half the equivalent price of full games for promo and ex rental games - provided they contain the identical software to the full game. For example, if the price quoted for an original full game with no manual was £4.50, you would receive £2.25 for a promo game with no manual (brief instructions on inlay does not count as a manual). The quote would be adjusted on receipt if there was no promo/rental code in the cart. We do not accept demo games and offer no price for these.

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