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Dragon Data - Dragon 32

Dragon 32 was almost a complete clone of the Tandy Color Computer TRS-80. It was one of the most technically advanced home computers of its time and despite some good sales in Europe the company had gone into receivership by 1985.

Dragon 32
Dragon 32

Launched in August 1982 at a cost of £199, theThe Dragon 32 enjoyed a pretty good success in Europe. Its ROM holds the Operating System and a version of Microsoft Extended BASIC. Released around the same time as the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 systems it face some fierce competition.

Dragon 32 Specs
CPU Motorola MC6809EP, 0,9 Mhz
OS Microsoft Extended BASIC.4.433619
GRAPHICS max res: 256 x 192
8 Colors
SOUND 1 voice, 5 octaves with the Basic
4 voices, 7 octaves with machine code
STORAGE Tape 5 pin din
Game Carts
Disk Drive Addon.
NOTES Reset switch
Left Joystick 5 pin din
Right Joystick 5 pin din
Parallel port 20 pin
Dragon 64
Dragon 64

The 64 model had 64k of RAM instead of 32k, an OS9 operating system and a RS232C connector. Other than that it looked basically identical to the 32 model. There was also an upgrade board availble for converting the 32 to 64k.

Dragon 64 Specs
CPU As Above
OS s Above
RAM 64 kb
SOUND As Above
Notes Cartridge slot>
Dragon 32 Games

Like many home computers the dragon 32 had an extensive range of games available all of varying quality. There are the usual conversions of games such as Chuckie Egg (shown) as well as its own game hero in the Cuthbert series. Games came on tape of carts.

Cuthbert Goes Digging.