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Nintendo are probably the most famous videogame maker of them all. The huge Japanese corporation had dominated the market for much of the post 8bit home computer period. Their success is often attributed to software quality and inovation in hardware design.


Nintendo had early success in the handheld game market with a huge range of games. Over the years they experimented with different technologies to create some superb game designs. Different models include double screens, individual controllers in the Micro VS models, crystal transparent displays and color LCDS.They are now quite collectable probably due to the small size and the fact that they are fairly common. Millions were made and sold in most major markets across the world.


Know as the Family computer in Japan, the NES was very popular. Classic titles include the first zelda games.


One of the best selling game units of all time. This small handheld system has been released in many forms with the latest Advanced model being released early this year.


Our favourite system here at retro-games, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System has an excellent catalog of classic games including possibly the best game of all time Mario Kart. Released in 1991 as the super Famicom in Japan, it was later called the Super Nintendo in Europe and the US.


A 3D system only ever released in the US and Japan. It plays games in a kind of red screen 3D effect. Bad press due to the fact that it gives the user a headache after playing for more than 15 mins pretty much killed it off straight away.


Another example of Nintendo magic, a much underrated console with loads of top quality games. Zelda 64 was given the title of Best game ever in Edge magazine.


Another addition to Nintendo's lineup. Sales hampered slightly by lack of DVD drive (which everyone wanted for Christmas) but didn't stand a chance against the mighty Ps2.


A return to form for with sales passing 10m consoles in it's first 12 months. Bringing good old fashioned gameplay back to the masses (Super Mario Galaxy) along with innovation (wii Sports).