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General Gaming FAQs

Playing old games on a PS4 or XBox One

Hang on to your old Sony consoles because the PS4 will refuse to play discs intended for PS1-3.

Microsoft have started to add backwards compatibity for a growing range of Xbox 360 games - there's a list on Wikipedia here.

Do PS1 and PS2 games work on a Ps3?

Want to play your PS1 and Ps2 games on your Ps3? Ps1 is easy - most games play fine on a Ps3 from the same region. We popped Resident Evil 2 into a Ps3 to see for ourselves. The console immediately prompted us to create an internal memory card for the game. Once we had selected to create a PS1 memory card (you could also create a PS2 card), the game loaded straight away. It played fine with a slightly brighter, sharper picture quality than on the original system. Surprisingly, Ps1 games are region-locked and you will get an ugly message from your Ps3 if you try an NTSC Ps1 game in a PAL console.

Unfortunately, the 40Gb console or (another surprise) the 80Gb/160Gb consoles are not backwards compatible with PS2 games! Same goes for the Slimline incarnations.

You can tell if you are the proud owner of the sought after 60Gb model - the USB cover on the front should pop up to reveal 4 lovely USB ports.

What about XBox games on my XBox 360?

If you want to play original Xbox games on a 360, you can as long as the following apply:

  • the game has to be on the list - as of May 22 there are 461 original XBox games. Microsoft love changing urls and lists so if the link here doesn't work try googling it: backward-compatible games for Xbox 360
  • you have to have an official Xbox 360 harddrive with free space - forum posts suggest that thirdparty drives don't have the sofware reuqired for compatibility
  • your 360 MUST have the backwards compatibiliy update - it's a one off small 6mb update not to be confused with the 2019 last system software release 2.0.17559.0. As of May 2022 if your console doesn't already have the update, you will need to connect to Xbox Live (a free account will do). But wait a minute, Microsoft say that you can download a file to usb and update from that for backwards compatibility... tried that and you just get software release 2.0.17559.0 which does not include the 6mb update. Anyway, once you've created your Xbox Live account, simply log on and insert the Xbox game in your 360. You should get a message that the update has finished and off you go.

Playing PS1 games on a PS2

Still wondering whether your favourite PS1 game will fire up on the PS2? Overall, there's very little need for concern as only a handful of games will not play better than they would on the original console.

The PS2 uses emulation software to run PS1 games and on the whole it does a good job. There are two options in the browser screen which are switched off by default - fast loading and smooth texture mapping of PS1 games. Start the PS2 with no game in. Press triangle to access the 'Version' Screen. On 'Playstation Drive' press triangle again and you can toggle them both. They only affect the playing of PS1 games.

You will need a PS1 memory card to save your PS1 game as the save data is organised in blocks compared to PS2's Kb measurement. We recommend only the official cards as some third party ones are not recognised by a PS2.

What's the deal with used games and online pass codes?

Since 2010, a number of XBox 360 and PS3 titles have been released with single use codes to access some of the features of the game. Usually, the 1st user of the game will redeem the code. Electronic Arts has been predominent in releasing games with single use Online Pass codes e.g. FIFA and Battlefront. Most online passes can be purchased via Playstation Store or Xbox Live.

At Retro-Games, We actively try to describe any downloadable content or restricted online features in the game description so that our customers have enough information to make a decision. We log games with single use codes and mention in the description of the game for sale that the code may have been used.

in practice, the used game market price automatically adjusts for the lack of the pass code. This can be because some people only want to play offline, or the used price is low enough to justify buying a pass code seperately, or the game is older with limited or no online community or the downloadable content is not considered important. If you have purchased a game which does not have the features that you expected, contact us within 30 days and we will be more than happy to arrange to get the game back for a full refund.

Can I play retro games on my LCD TV?

Your retro console should work on an LCD TV if the channel is tuned in correctly. It needs to be tuned to UHF36 (not channel 36). If the console aerial lead has one, make sure the adapter/switch is set to 'RF' not 'ANT. Also, make sure the console is powered up.

It could be that your TV is autotuning in steps e.g. UHF 35.5, 36.0, 36.5 and not homing in on the retro frequency. Also, the TV may have noise reduction turned on which could hamper tuning.

You can rule out whether the aerial lead is faulty (the most likely cause) by trying it on a CRT (old fashioned) TV. Try twiddling the lead in the back of the console to rule out a bad connection. Also, if the signal changes when you move the lead around it is getting interference from nearby devices and needs changes.

The only conclusive way to test it would be to see if it works in another TV which hasn't got Freeview built in if you can find one (making sure the TV aerial lead isn't connected).

Channel5 may be broadcasting on the same frequency that the console uses so you may have to remove the Freeview aerial (if applicable) when tuning in the TV. You will need to choose a blank channel e.g. 7 and manually tune the channel using the menus on the TV. We haven't experienced the Channel 5 problem first hand - the broadcast channel should be UHF35 whereas the console will be approximately UHF36.

Can I play UK games in America and vice versa?

Most last gen or older video games have some form of region lockout built into the software or console but there are ways of getting most PAL UK/European region protected games to run on a US console.

Taking PS1 for example, if your Ps1 has a socket on the back marked 'Parallel i/o' then you can plug a cartridge into it which enables you to play USA games on it. They have a few names such as ‘Game Hunter’ and ‘Action Replay’. On later grey Ps1's or mini white ones (all models of Ps1), there's a CD that does the same job. Its called a PS-X-Change Boot CD. For Gamecube its a Freeloader disc.

For a full compatibility list check out the chart on our sister site Retro Games.

Can I still go online with older consoles?

You can host your XBox 360, original XBox, PS3, PS2 or PSP game on Team xlink - TSFP capture the bag Mexico, anyone?

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