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Systems Companies
Activision Pitfall e.t.c.
Atari always changing hands.
Bandai Producer of Handhelds and robot toys
Nintendo Producer of some of the best gaming systems and games.
Microsoft Console newbies
Sega Sega Online
Sony Playstation news and support.
Games Companies
Codemasters From BMX simulator to Colin Mcrae rally
Bitmap Brothers Another longstanding game company, Speedball 2 creators.
Capcom Street Fighter 2 fame.
ChronoSoft Still publishing games for Speccy, C64 and other retro platforms!
Konami Creator of some of the best console games around.
LLamasoft Jeff Minters quirky games
RARE From Jetpac to Perfect Dark
SquareSoft Made loads of RPGs for most systems.
Web Rings
CCNUK Archived UK Classic Collectors Database.
Retro/other Sites
Midi shrine game music midi-files
Uncle Clive Hilarious retro site Loads of pics of ltd edition consoles like a 'hot pink' N64
Retro Console Pics Retro gaming wallpaper, posters etc
Chillout Games Our sister co: games for more recent consoles - Ps3, Ps2, xBox and Playstation One
Other Sites
Domain Names Discount Domains - Great cheap site for domains and quality website hosting.
Hamlet House The best guest house in Stratford-on-Avon with internet access for gaming.
Rapid Batteries Well priced coin batteries for cartridges and handheld games
Retro console leads - great for SCART cables on old consoles
123 Greetings Large online greeting card site with a page dedicated to a video games day
Museum Sites
Retro Games Our own museum section
Computer History History of gaming computers
HCM Home computer museum
Game Downoads / Online Games
Retro-Spec Remake enthusiasts
Shockwave Web based retro games
Game Info
Nintendo Life
specialist Nintendo site including old platforms
Cheating Dome Game cheats and codes for lots of systems.
Retro Direction Youtube reviews of classic games by Mike Retro.
dragons-lair-project/ Everything you could want to know about Dragons Lair and other Laser disk arcade machines.
PCB Info List of gameboard pinouts.
KLOV Killer List of Video games, listing of arcade games with info and pictures.
The Pong Story The story of the famous PONG read it here :)
Retro Gamer Main UK retro gaming magazine
GameFaqs World's largest database of walkthroughs - although not as great for retro titles
Moby Games Mega database of most video games ever released
Flat Batteries Top 100 games from the last 4 decades reviewed
Portugual Gamers O Portugal Gamers é um site totalmente independente, que procura informar todos os nossos leitores sobre as novidades do mundo dos videojogos
Stella Stella is a freely distributed multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator available for most platforms.
Japanese Computer
Emulation Centre
Introduction to the great world of Japanese computers. Loads of Information and emulators.
Arcade Emulators Details of some of the better arcade emulators available.