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Atari 7800

An improved version of the 2600 released in 1986, features a built in version of asteroids. It is also backwardly compatible with 2600 games. The UK version came with one of the first ever joypads which came with a joystick addon which screws into the d-pad.

Atari 7800


Atari Pong

Released in 1986 it never did particularly well. Its available in PAL versions. Features almost 100 independent sprites, better color pallette and a computer keyboard add-on. An encryption key system was added into its cartridges, If the key was valid the MARIA chip would become active and go into 7800 mode, if not then the system would stay in 2600 compatibility mode. There were 3 revisions of the system.

Atari Pong

US Version of the 7800, slight differences to appearance and outputs in NTSC.

Atari 7800 Specs

1.79 MHz




52K max


MARIA custom graphics controller
320x200 resolution with 256 colors
7.16 MHz

Atari 7800 Games
Atari Space Invaders

Kung Fu Master

Atari Pacman

Donkey Kong Jr



Atari VCS Spiderman


Atari 7800 Accessories
Video Touch Pad

The Joypad released in the UK was very similar to the NES pads which were released around the same time. It features a joystick which screws into the D-pad.

Atari Trackball

The standard joystick design for the US version. Some of this design also on the UK but you mostly find the joypad types.