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On Nov 22 1994 in Japan, Sega released a dual 32 bit console, named the Saturn. Its stella processing speed was light years in advance of its rivals. Despite being a huge success in Japan, this platform was in a 3D solar race which it could never win against the mighty forces of Sony. Read More...

(1994 Japan ) (1995 Europe and USA)

One of the first 32bit systems with a 32bit bus and 32-bit cpu's.

Victor Saturn 2

Only released in Japan, the Victor Saturn 2 came in a whiteish case in contrast to the usual black. This is an authorized clone of a Saturn built by JVC-Victor. Other third-parties licensed to make saturns were Hitachi, and Yamaha.

Derby Stallion

The Saturn was hugely successful in Japan when first launched and the game Derby Stallion sold over 5 million copies. This special edition clear case saturn was released to mark the event.


Two Hitachi SH2 32-Bit RISC 28.6MHz
One Hitachi SH1 32-Bit RISC Motorola 68EC000


2 MB (16 megabits)
RAM 1.54 MB (12 megabits)
VRAM (Video RAM) 540 KB (4 megabits)
CD-ROM Cache


VDP 1 Video Display Processor
VDP 2 Video Display Processor System Control Unit
352 x 240, 640 x 240 , 704 x 480 (Hi-Res)
Sprite, Polygon, and Rendering engine
Dual 256 KB frame buffer for rotation and scaling
Texture Mapping Gouraud Shading
512 KB Cache for Textures
200,000 Texture Mapped Polygons/Second
500,000 Flat Shaded Polygons/Second


Sound Processor SCSP Sound Processor
Audio RAM 540 KB (4 megabits)
SCSP Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 22.6MHz
Motorola 68EC000 sound processor 11.3MHz 32 PCM
Channels 8 FM (Frequency Modulation)
Channels 44.1 KHz Sampling Rate


CD-ROM (2X) 300 KB/Second Transfer Speed
Audio CD Compatible Optional
512 KB Memory Cartridge for Game Save

Rare Sega Saturn Games

Radiant Silver Gun

Classic oldskool shootem-up from Treasure - arcade port only released in Japan. Very rare...

King of the Fighters 95 - still a sought-after game on Neogeo, Saturn and PS1

Saturn History

Sega linked forces with Hitachi to develop their SH2 32 bit and 64 bit chips. This would enable the Saturn to play games like Virtua fighter and Virtua Racing to bring the 3D arcade experience into the home.

Two of these 32 bit chips were in the Saturn CPU. From a game developers point of view, this made the Saturn a nightmare to programme. The coders were slow to get to grips with the powerful chips and headed to Sony to publish their games instead.
This made Saturn a slow starter on hardhitting titles. Games like House of the Dead and Shining Force III released in the planet's dying years when developers were just getting to understand the power of the console.

When launched in America on May 11th 1995, the Saturn cost a heafty £300. This was four weeks earlier than Sega had planned but they wanted to get a head start on Sony's PS1 release. However, Sony had learnt alot from Sega's mistakes. They undercut the launch price by £100 along with a slick advertising campaign. After this hammerblow, Sony continued to woo the developers; slowly booting Sega out of the stratosphere, which it finally did in 1998.

VIRTUAL FIGHTER came from the arcades, developed by Yu Suzuki; he started a franchise that would thrive for years.
Using just three buttons on the joystick you could punch, kick and block, shout and make whooping sounds, just like the arcades.
It used 3D polygonal graphics which fought in the styles of wrestling to Kung Fu. This game sold as fast as the console.

Saturn Trivia

Sega’s Planet Projects:
-Jupiter was Saturn’s sister console.
On March 14th 1994, it was announced that it would be an upgrade to Sega’s Mega Drive and it would become the 32x
-Neptune and Titan were cancelled before there were any working prototypes.

Top 10 Saturn Games
  1. Shining Force III
  2. Dragon Force
  3. Guardian Heroes
  4. Panzer Dragoon Saga
  5. Lunar: Silver Star Story
  6. Shining the Holy Ark
  7. NiGHTS Into Dreams
  8. Mega Man 8 Anniversary
  9. Sonic R
  10. Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire