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Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 competed in the early eighties with the Sinclair Spectrum for dominance of the Home computer Market. Slightly more expensive the C64 boasted better graphical and Sound capabilities.


The original 64 was technically similar to its the VIC 20 but was certainly a superior machine - sound and colour capibilities were advanced for its time. It had a huge following - often referred to as the morris minor of computers


The 64c was a sleeker version of the 64a. Looks much more modern by todays standards.


The SX-64 was a portable version which included a 12cm (5 inch) colour screen missing the cassette port and the RF modulator outputs.

C64 Specs

6510 CPU
1.02 Mhz(NTSC).985(PAL)


64 Kb RAM
20 Kb ROM


Text Mode 40 x 25, 16 colors
Graphics Mode 320 x 200


16 Sound generator: 3 voice, 9 octaves


Composite Graphics Output
Cartridge Slot
"User" Connector
2 Joystick ports
Serial Port
C2N cassette Interface

C64 Peripherals

170Kb single sided disk drives with their own proprietary disk format

Modem. The C64 modem allowed connection to the internet as it was then and there is even a website hosted on a C64 today. All be it a simple text one.


Commodore monitor

Commodore 64 Games

Wizball. One of the best retro 2 player games available, still plays well today.

The C64 was well suited to arcade conversions as the copy of UN Squadron shows.

Ultimate play the games aslow made C64 games, some of which also appeared on the Spectrum such as Underwurlde.