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Nintendo's Mario

Mario games are typically of the higest quality and usually feature some intense platform jumping action. The first Mario game appeared in 1981 and was the work of Shigeru Miyamoto. Since then mario games have appeared on all of Nintendo's systems and the latest version of Mario is always a highly anticiapted event. The following list is not a complete list of mario games but shows some of the ones which have helped make him such a popular character and one of Nintendo's best assets.

Donkey Kong 1981 - Arcade

In his first appearance Mario is simply known as Jumpman. His first appearance typecast him forever as the guy that has to resuce the princess by jumping around a lot.

Donkey Kong Jr 1982 - Arcade

In a rare exception to Mario as hero rule in this games the player controls a Donkey Kong Jnr who must leap platforms to rescue Donkey Kong from Mario :-S

Mario Bros 1983 - Arcade

Featured the first outing for both brothers Mario Mario and Luigi Mario (the Mario Brothers). Two player simultaneous platforming. More turtles get the mario treatment.

Super Mario Bros NES 1985 - NES

The game that helped sell millions of NES systems.

Super Mario 1986 - NES

A platform jumping G&W version. Features scrolling platforms.

Donkey Kong & Mario Bros 1986 - NES

Donkey Kong and Mario join up again. Mario jump's and hammer's his way through construction zones from the original arcade game as girlfriend gets captured by big ape.

Super Mario Bros 2 1988 - NES

The US / UK version of this game was a conversion of a game called Doki Doki Panic with mario and friends replacing the main characters. This helps explain while it has a different feel to the previous Mario games and has different enimies. Lets you play as Princess, Mario, Luigi or Mushroom.

Super Mario Land 1989 - GB

Portable mario on the GB was always going to be a sucess. There are loads of mario games on the Gameboy and of course now the gba to.

Super Mario Bros 3 1989 - NES

Bowser has kidnapped Peach yet again and to stop Mario from reaching his castle he sends his seven kids to get in his way. Power-ups include a Raccoon, Near, Frog and Hammer suits.

Super Mario World 1991 - SNES

The SNES system was packed with Super Mario World. Another Mario sidescroller which made good use of the snes's mode 7 and included some complex platform action. Also notable for being the first Mario game to feature Yoshi, the dinosaur. Made good use of all the controller buttons which made it too tricky for some to control.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 1995 - SNES

Yoshi was the star of this game and feature Mario as a Baby. One of the last games to come out on the SNES and showed just what could still be done with the snes's mode 7.

Super Mario 64 1996 - N64

First 3D version and first game with variable caps for Mario. Mario 64 was the definitive 3D platform game which has helped define an era. Best game ever according to some.

Super Mario Sunshine 2002 - GC

Mario's never looked better and he has also aquired a talking hose come jetpack. Despite this he still spends his time running / jumping around for Princess Peach.