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Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper
Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad

Another classic Ultimate game this time a Wildwest shoot-em-up. Notable for a pantomime horse, quick draw sections and a cool 3D persepective. A crash smash no less.

The game starts with bags of money scrolling downwards. Shoot the bags of money to gain $100. It helps to start off which as much money as possible as it costs you between $5-25 each time you reload your gun. After a short while you commence the main part of the game.

Stage two is in the same style as Ultimate's previous release, Nightshade. Its basically a case of tracking down the latest crim as indicated on the wanted poster at the side of the screen. Children are on hand to point you in the direction of the villain. However the task is made harder by women, cacti and later on tumble weeds. All of which cause instand death on contact. The women can be shot but you get fined each time so its best to avoid them.

Once you have located an outlaw you must shoot him, the game then cuts to a n old fashioned shoot out. The outlaw moves around the screen and at some point starts to draw his gun, its a simple case of shooting him first. You are then transported back to the jail to begin your quest for the next lawbreaker.

Gunfright Control Keys

Gunfight mode X, V or N for left. C, B or M for right. A, S, D or F for walk. 1-0 for fire.

Fastdraw mode: X, V or N for left. C,B or M for right. Row beginning Q, W, E, R, T etc for up. Row beginning A, S, D, F, G etc for down. Top row for fire
Gunfright Cheats and Pokes
Infinite Lives 49233,0

Infinite Ammo 51711,0

Infinite Ammo (Quick reload) 51711,201

Infinite Money 54122,201

Quick reload 51617,0

Quickdraw Bandit Can't Move 47604,24

Quickdraw Bandit Can't Shoot 47609,58

Tonwfolk don't move 46891,24:46892,4

Walk Speed = x 49260,x:51485,x (x= 1-18)

Horse Speed = x 43481,x (x= 1-18)