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1992 Konami
Super Probotector Alien Rebels.

Konami produced some of the best games on the SNES and Super Probotector is probably the best of the lot. Up to two players blast through 6 amazingly varied levels of side-on or top down action. Good music really pushes the game along. There are loads of bosses from start to finish making great use of the SNES mode 7. An essential part of anyones SNES collection, still plays well today.

One of the best things about Alien rebels is the variety between levels. On one level you find your self hanging from missiles as you head towards the end of level boss 'Anti-Contra Sergeant Dodoriguez' Whilst other levels include Jetbikes, a top down Highway and the main Alien Base.

End of Level 1 Giant turtle and Vicious Slave Hawks

The first main end of level boss is a kind of giant alien turtle. Make's good use of the SNES's sprite handling capabilities. Easy to kill just fire constantly with high power weapons such as the Laser or crash gun at the red lump can be killed before he has a chance to fire at you.

End of Level 2 Robot Spider

The end of the 2nd level takles you to the first top-down boss. Can be tricky on the hard setting. Shoot the laser gun first before it starts to take off. Then shoot the 6 pods around the edge to get a few for power-ups or bombs. Next aim for the red head section. The best way to avoid getting hit when it starts taking off is to keep moving.

End Of Level 3 Grand Prize Robot Big Fuzz

Classic end of level boss with several attack patterns. First enter the room and climb up the side walls and shoot the two hanging skeletons. When they are dead the main boss claws his way through the wall. Aim for the head. You will have to move round the room in a clockwise direction to avoid the Flames shooting at the head when you get the chance.

Mid Level Boss, Level 4 Tetrandakker

Another original Enemy takes the form of this spinning mid level boss from level 4. You need to shoot the red part section either by hanging onto the spinning bar and shooting as you pass under it. Or best of all save the flame thrower or homing gun to shoot from above.

Mid Level Boss, The Fearsome Beast Kimkoh

Mid Level 6 a freaky alien inspired crawling thing bursts from the ground. Fairly easy to kill, just shoot the face that appears and dodge the charge attacks and falling rocks. Possible to stand on the two frount feet but watch our for when he jumps into the air.

Mid Level Boss Level 6 Metal Alien Dragon

Near the end of Level 6 this morphing Metal Alien appears and disappears as you are climbing up a wall. One of the harder bosses particularly in two player mode. Need to shoot the head to kill this. Best tactic is to crawl to the bottom of the wall wait for the Alien to attack and quickly climb upwards and shoot it in the head before it morphs away.

End of Level 6 Boss Uranian Devil Gappa

The End Game boss Uranian Devil Gappa has many different attacks. First shoot the heads that appear from its 'arms' then aim for the center of its head while shooting the aliens that fall from either side. If you complete this the head explodes to reveal the Brain.

End of Level 6 Boss Uranian Devil Gappa Brain

he final boss is the Uraniam Devil Gappa's Brain. It surrounds itself with 8 different coloured balls. Shooting either of these starts a unique attack pattern. Some are easier than others and with practice its fairly easy to choose which one you want by shooting as they start to spin round the brain before they pick up speed. Kill this and its game over, unless of course your playing on the hardest skill level after which theres another surprise attack to come.