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MegaCD Version 1
1993 (Europe)
mega CD
Sega's offering in the race to produce a CDRom playing console - Nintendo gave up in the end. The MegaCD (SegaCd in USA) version 1 sat under the Megadrive 1 and was operated via the Megadrive handset.
MegaCD Version 2
megacd 2
Considered more reliable by doing away with the front loading disc tray. The MegaCDII sat to the side of the Megadrive/Megadrive II
MegaCD1 Specs
Motorola M68000 16 bit processor
running at 12.5Mhz
64 Kb RAM
1 Mb Boot ROM

Palette 512, Onscreen colours 64
Maximum onscreen sprites 80
Resolution 320 x 224 - basically suited to a small screen for digitised video

Stereo 8 channels.
Sampling wavelength 32 kHz max
separate R.F aerial and R.G.B outputs
(AUX connector - Megadrive 1 only),
stereo headphone jack (original model only)
9 pin EXT port (Early original model only)
Power (UK only)
Input 240V~50Hz, Output 10V...1.2A (Model No: 1602-05) e.g. same power supply as Megadrive 1
MegaCD Peripherals and Accessories
mega CD backup ram
This backup RAM cart is rare and pricey but overcomes the problem of dead internal battery RAM
MegaCD manuals
Save the zip file to your PC and then use windows to extract the files.
MegaCD1 manual
mega CD1 Manual
Get the full user manual in English. Sorry, no other languages available at the moment.

MegaCD II manual
MegaCD Games
Typical of a batch of games released to show off MegaCDs video capabilities, Road Avenger relies on dated gameplay with the player pressing left, right up or down at key moments in the game
Snatcher screenshot Mega CD
Snatcher is a rare hidden Konami gem designed by Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear genius and has only been released in English on the Sega Mega CD
Robo Aleste Scrolling Shooter Mega CD
A scrolling shooter with big bosses, enthralling cutscenes and great replay mileage gives Robo Aleste one of Sega's few big thumbs up on this platform
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