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Latest site and stock updates:
Online game supplier Chillout Games has acquired the website and inventory of Both businesses operate in the used console games industry in the UK.
Dreamcast Stock

Chillout Games (established in 2003) sells used and new games, consoles and accessories released for Ps2, xBox and other major consoles.

Chillout Games Logo
^see website for more info^

We started out selling Playstation One and still hold a huge Ps1 range

Retro-Games (online in 2000) stocks used games, systems and accessories for retro and classic games consoles and computers. Retro-Games started out stocking a range of NES, Megadrive, SNES and Spectrum games and games for niche platforms e.g. Vectrex and early handhelds (Wonderswan, NeoGeo Pocket). It  hosts a retro museum and information pages for all retro games. The site also has retro-games programming info as well as freeware and in-house PC remakes of classic video games to download for free.

We bought principally because of the mini goldmine of retro information squeezed into this site's pages. Our products are edging their way into the twilight zone that is retro-gaming and what better site to welcome them.

Chillout Games can use its expertise (learned the hard way with Ps1 discs and cases) in turning around used and abused retro games. We're dying to get stuck into cartridges and cassettes.

Donkey Kong Arcade Machine
Why call it "Donkey" Kong?
A family business, we grew up with games in the 70-80’s and have fond memories of fiddling with Pong knobs, Star Trek PC (with sectors and Klingons – anyone know that game?), Bugaboo the Flea on squidgey Spectrum buttons, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on Megadrive and getting the all-time high score for 10p on Donkey Kong in a chippy in Stratford-on-Avon in my school lunch break (the machine froze otherwise I would have kept going - honest!)

Back to business: The inventory is now in dedicated bays for the bulky cartridge boxes and consoles to make picking easier. By the end of June, we expect to have a fully reconciled stock of retro games ready for dispatch. We will also have some Playstation One spill over inventory from Chillout Games along with more Megadrive, NES and Nintendo 64 games. It will take some time to freshen up the stock and get additional sought-after titles in there so please keep checking back over the coming months.


The shopping website will resume taking orders soon. We're in the middle of moving the chillout site to asp so the two carts will be combined at the same time

Nintendo 64 Mario Kart
This month is N64 buying month!!

We do buy stock from customers on the following link: Sell games (UK only). Be warned – some games are worth more than others, so please pass your Fifa 96s on to your local freecycle group and not us! We especially love RPGs, kids and party games, horror and fighting.

Retro-Games will retain its established look and feel (oh err missus), logo and most of the content. On a rolling basis over the next few months(years more like!), we will be looking to reinstate the forum, drop the defunct newsletter and allow users to update the museum and game information pages as we can’t do it all ourselves.

legend of zelda majora's mask

Chillout and R-G will continue to operate separately with some deep links throughout the sites.

04-08-05 CGE UK Gamma bros

The people at pixeljam games sent us info on there new gamma bros game. Worth a look, this is what remakes should be like :)
04-08-05 CGE UK

Classic Gaming Expo
^see website for more info^
We will be exhibiting at this
years CGE UK, Saturday 13th August 10:00am-7:00pm. Come along and join the fun!
23-06-05 bits n pieces
ultimate collected works
Spectrum: ultimate the collected works, backpackers guide
Tabletop: Grandstand pocket scramble, entex defender, CGL puckmonster, tomytronic shark attack
Gameboy: F1 race, humans, micro machines
PC: civilization
Playstation: street fighter alpha 3
Megadrive: Bart Vs the space mutants, urban strike
NES: excitebike, wf wrestlemania, jurassic park
15-06-05 most recent updates

Neo Geo Pocket: neo geo cup 98 plus color, samurai showdown 2,
metal slug 1st mission, fatal Fury 1st contact
Megadrive: captain america and the avengers, ex-mutants, zool, mega bomberman, ballz, james pond 3, global gladiators, sylvester & tweety
Saturn: baku baku
2600: riddle of the sphinx, ms pacman, video checkers, galaxian, moon patrol, asteroids, atlantis, gorf, freeway, fast food,
wizard of wor

17-05-05 metal slug
metal slug

We have a copy of metal slug for
Neo Geo AES available.

03-05-05 Various
shinobi X
panzer dragoon saga

Saturn : panzer dragoon saga, virtua cop, digital pinball, steering wheel, backup memory, system
Board games: Pacman, Turbo,
dungeons & dragons (new),
star wars escape from death star, shogun, donkey kong, dungeons & dragons basic set,
dragon quest, willow game, atmosphere the harbringers, civilisation, the classic dungeon, Talisman 3rd edition + expansions
SNES: F1 exhaust heat 2, super bomberman 3, super bomberman 2, aladdin, jurrassic park, super return of the jedi, super mario kart, blackthorne, spectre
mags: zzap 64 10, 11, 2, 9
game n watch: bombsweeper, squish
C64: (lots of games added)

23-02-05 snes updates:
shinobi X

SNES:UN Squadron, spiderman xmen arcades revenge, zombies ate my neighbours, mystic quest legend, final fight, super ghouls n ghosts, mystic ark, final fight 3, super aleste, alien 3, final fantasy 3, killer instinct, mickey mania, fatal fury, star trek next generation, pga tour 96, super pro-fighter q, , SN programmable controller

15-11-04 Latest updates:
shinobi X

Edge mags: over 100 backissue is stock.
Megadrive: sol-feace, busters hidden treasure, fantasia, nphla hockey 93, herzog zwei, vapour trail, f22 interceptor, crue ball,
battle squadron, atomic robokid,
burning force, arrow flash, james buster douglas knockout boxing,
double clutch, lost vikings
Amiga: arkanoid, video kid, bubble dizzy, F1 tornado, sleep walker, big run
Saturn: shining wisdow, alien trilogy, street fighter alpha 2,
bubble bobble + rainbow islands,
shinobi x, fifa 98, virtua fighter,
doom, daytona usa, lemmings 3d, warcraft 2, simcity 2000

20-09-04 Sega Mega Drive sales database updated.
Sega Streets of Rage

Cosmic Space Head - (C) Codemasters
Sega Megadrive games in this week: Taz mania, Power rangers, Toy Story.Cosmic spacehead, Where in time is carmen sandiego, Streets of rage 2, Stargate, Sonic Spinball, Jurassic park the lost world, Alien 3, Twin Hawk, g-loc air battle and combat cars.

09-07-04 Lots of Gameboy games in stock this week.
Nintendo Game boy Zelda GB Games include :Pokemon Yellow, Final Fantasy Legend 2, Yoshi, Tennis, Castlevania, Baseball, Bonks Adventure, Double Dragon 3, Dolar striker, f1 race, International track & field, Wario land, WF Superstars, Donkey kong land, Donkey kong land 2, Zelda DX and Daitek booster.
09-06-04 Modified dreamcast system in stock

DC 4 wire mod chip
modified dreamcast
play import dreamcast games
We now have modified dreamcast systems available.
We also have the chips should you wish to get your soldering iron out yourself. Also a few new import games in this week: Border down special edition, garou: mark of the wolves, guilty gear x ltd edition.
27-05-04 Large number of N64 games just in
track and field - summer games (konami)
legend of zelda majora's mask
Loads of new Nintendo 64 games in this week including zelda majora's mask, Roadsters,
top gear rally, Moster truck madness 64, Nascar 99
snowboard kids, all-star tennis 99, scars, buck bumble, extreme G 2, virtual chess 64, summer games, bust a move 3 DX, doom 64, armourines, virtual pool 64,
hydro thunder, Quake 2, Ready to rumble 2, Destruction derby 64, Xena warrior princess, Nagano winter olympics 98, Mortal kombat 4, Spacestation Silicon valley, misssion impossible, Knife edge and Bass Hunter.
11-05-04 Recent saturn game updates.
Sega Saturn Steep Slope Slider
saturn games to buy
Saturn: virtua cop 2, resident evil, road rash, sega touring car championship, fighting vipers, true pinball, worldcup golf pro edition, break point, steep slope sliders
Other updates:
Playstation: resident evil 2, syphon filter
N64: donkey kong 64, banjo tooie
Megadrive: primal rage, vectorman, gain ground, batman, LHX attack chopper, Michael Jackons moonwalker and Street racer.
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Retro-games are pleased to release V1.0 of our very own retro invaders available for free from our download section.

mario kart
This is the offical world record for Mario Circuit 1 as of March 1st 1993.