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Platform Games
Platform games were one of the most popular game genres of the 80s. Platform games typically involve climbing ladders, jumping between platforms or jumping over objects in order to complete a specific goal. The games below illustrate some of the best examples of platform games and demonstrate how the genre has moved from fixed to scrolling screens and into 3D.

Donkey Kong

Platform: Arcade

Developer: Nintendo

Released: 1981

Number of Players: 1

Designed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto Donkey Kong is a Multi level Mario adventure in which he must save his girlfriend, Pauline, from Donkey Kong before time runs out. Features the basic building blocks of platform games for years to come. The levels include jumping between Girders, moving elevators, and conveyor Belts. Enemies include flames, barrels, and bouncing rivets.

Aracde Screenshot and Cabinet.
Miner 2049'er

Platform: Atari 800

Developer: Big Five Software

Released: 1982/83

Number of Players: 1

One of the first platform games on a home computer, Miner 2049 shows perferctly the basic prinicpals of a platformers established with Donkey Kong. Fixed screen

Original Atari 800 Screen Shot

Label from the Atari 2600 Version.
Manic Miner

Platform: ZX Spectrum

Developer: Bug Byte

Released: 1983

Number of Players: 1

Manic Miner is a 20-stage platform game starring Miner Willy written by Matthew Smith. One of the first games many people played on the spectrum manic miner still plays well today with versions being released on the Gameboy.

Platform: ZX Spectrum

Developer: Bug Byte

Released: 1983

Number of Players: 1

As Sabreman, you must negotiate a series of trap-laden rooms in order to reach the cure to a disease which transforms you into a werewolf at sunset


Platform: Intellivision

Developer: Matel Electronics

Released: 1983

Number of Players: 1

Intellivision version of the classic arcade game where the cook has to make burgers while being chased by pickles, eggs and hotdogs armed with only pepper to freexe them. Remade loads of times such as Mr Wimpy for the Spectrum.

Intellivision Version Shown.
Bubble Bobble

Platform: Arcade / Most 8 bit platforms. NGP, GBA.

Developer: Taito

Released: 1988

Number of Players: 2

Guide jumping, bubble-shooting dinosaurs around non-scrolling platform screens. Loads of levels which ooze playability. Another step forward in platform gaming and one that has proved very popular - being updated on virtually every platform going.

NES screenshot and box.
Super Mario World

Platform: SNES

Developer: Nintendo

Released: 1992

Number of Players: 1

Introduced gamers to a new character, Yoshi and made good use of the snes graphical abilities for end of level baddies. Part of its sucess is the way you have such good control of Mario. Some classic platforming levels and a fine example of a platform game with scrolling levels rather than a fixed screen.

SNES Screenshot and PAL UK classic re-released box.
Super Castlevania IV

Platform: SNES

Developer: Nintendo


Number of Players: 1

Remake of the previous NES versions, features detailed backgrounds. The music is very dark and utilizes the SNES sound capabilities to its best. Features an whip which can be used to swing between platforms. Not the first game to implement this but one of the best.

PAL UK Screenshot and box.

Super Mario World 64

Platform: N64

Developer: Nintendo

Released: 1996

Number of Players: 1

The first successful translation of a platform game into 3D environments and freedom of movement. Has been copied but never bettered.

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