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Dec 09

We've had a record two weeks before Christmas! Thanks everyone.

Nov 09

We have record stock levels ready for the Christmas period - almost half of all PS2 and even more PS1 games.

Oct 09

Lots of new stock this month. We've processed several retro platforms for sale including Dreamcast and Megadrive. You can view them on the new site (but the cart is not quite ready yet).

Sept 09

So near and yet... We've put the new site on hold to focus on stocking up for Xmas. Bummer, as it is so close with a cart and vids for each product but we didn't want to rush the last bits. So as we're buying anything that fits in a console, send us a list of 20 games or more for a quote to here.

August 09 More YouTube Vids

We may appear chilled on the surface but the duck's feet are frantically peddling away at the moment. Check out the videos that we're placing on YouTube. Get to look at some classic games in action before you buy. The list is growing weekly as the two testers Hamster and Geo are feeling the strain of intense games testing! There's now over 50 gameplay videos recorded by Retro-Games staff - feel free to post comments on there.

July 09 Heatwave

Lets face it - most of us will be out paying homage to the elusive sun God this month. As they haven't invented a sunbathing game yet, here at Retro-Games - we're juggling processing games with playing ping pong in the car park.

June 09... Dev work

Well, we're pressing on with the new website. There's more product details to help you choose the right game. Each product page will have a list of offers and the condition of each game for sale will be described in full. Here's a preview the new site. But it's far from set in stone - so email us with suggestions.

We're also stocking up on PS2 and xBox so send a list if you have over 20 games for sale.

Apr/May 09 More Stock

New in PS1: Azure Dreams and Monster Rancher. April is the 1st month of our accounts year so we aim to get record sales with hundreds of games being added to the site. We're also selling off 2 PS1 hundred game bundles on the site in the next week or so!

Online games news site

News for Gamers posts the latest news from sources around the world and is one of the most up-to-date news sites out there with plenty of user comments on each article.

News for Gamers

Need a forum for your game?

Here's a link to Gamespot - the news section is pretty broad but the forums are the best place for ALL the news on each game.


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