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Sept/Oct 13

There will be more choice on couriers to send in your games. We are adding Collect Plus for smaller quotes and Post Office dropoff so that you do not have to wait in for the courier.

Aug 13

Next up for the sell your games cart this month is the Atari 2600. Get an instant price for 25 platforms and book the courier at the same time 'here'.

July 13

Gamegear is officially open for business on the 'Sell Your Games' cart. Next on the list will be NeoGeo Pocket.

June 13

We're tweeting and facebooking relentlessly at the moment. Check out offers and unusual items on our facebook page 'here'

May 13

Busy Month Stock levels 20% higher than ever before and we are officially taking off!!! Watch out for a ton of refurb consoles - we want 5 of each on the site.

Check out the Twitter feed if you want the more sought after games as they come in. Also, we've finnnalllyyy linked up Facebook

April 13

More Jobs! We have some more jobs to fill - take a look 'here'

Lots of Gameboy Advance and GBC games just in 'here'

Mar 13

Retro-Games Needs You! Have a look at a current job opening with Retro-Games in Manchester 'Here'

We did say that Bluray would be ready in Feb and it almost is… but we couldn't help getting on with adding Atari 2600 to the 'sell your games' cart as well.

Feb 13

We will be rolling out a price to sell your Bluray films to us this month as well as adding Parcelforce to the list of couriers to choose from when sending in your games.

Jan 13

You are sending us your games in record numbers at the moment. Watch out for lots of titles being added to the site over the coming weeks. Please note that UK freepost is now 2nd class in order that we can offer the best prices for games.

Dec 12

There's plenty of extra stock coming in throughout December. Also, we've managed to obtain a great rate for Airmail so EU and Australian customers can now get the cheap Airmail rate that they used to have at the start of 2012.

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