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Jun/Jul 16

This month we have achieved record stock levels with over 7700 games for sale as well as 200 consoles currently being listed.

April/May 16

We are now fully operational following the office move. Stock levels will be increasing back up to 7,000 products in the coming weeks!

Feb/Mar 16

In Feb 16 due to the continued success of the business, we moved to new larger premises. It was a big move for us with extensive building works on the new site including 28m of new internal walls. It also took 7 people 5 days to transport all our inventory! The new office is ideally located for couriers in south Manchester with excellent transport links. It is sited on a historic industrial estate built in the 1940s with barrier entry and 24hr onsite security.

Dec/Jan 16

We will be working on adding import games for some time as it is a massive project. 1800 now having their own product page including PAL B European NES and Japanese Megadrive games but there are thousands more to add. If you need a price for imports not showing in our database - email a list and they will be processed as a priority.

Oct/Nov 15

The import games project is well underway with 1200 now having their own product page including PAL B European NES and Japanese Megadrive games. We are also adding EU language Playstation, SNES, Gamecube etc.

The large parcel courier option that EU customers have been asking about for some time should be in place with UPS shortly. This will provide a cost effective tracked service for larger orders and consoles.

Aug/Sept 15

We are working hard to give 3000 import games their own product page. For example, we have hundreds of USA Gamecube games which will be up for sale at half the price of the UK equivalent. What's the catch - there isn't one as long as you have a freeloader disc handy. Same goes for SNES if you have a universal adapter

July 15

There are now a record 7,000 games, consoles and accessories to buy on the site - including 51% of all Dreamcast, 63% of N64 and 45% of PS1. Check our full page cover ads on Official Playstation and RetroGamer magazines.

May/June 15

ColecoVision is now ready to price up in the sell your games cart 'here'. There are also prices for 200 strategy guides (if you type strategy in the title search).

April 15

It's been a long time coming but Atari 2600 is finally up and running for you to price up and send in with free courier. There's a price for 310 games, 4 different consoles and 16 accessories 'here'. Atari 7800 has also sneaked into the selling cart at the same time!.

Feb/Mar 15

This is always a busy time of the year for customers sending in their games. However, this year we have seen a significant increase in the number of rare games collections passing through Retro-Games HQ. Many thanks for your continued support and keep an eye out for some choice listings in the next few weeks!!

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