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Jan 09 Stocktaking and hols

We're back from snowboarding with no broken limbs and the stocktake is done so it's business as usual.

Dec 08 Lean, mean and clean

The retail landscape has been remoulded over the past three months. How are we coping with it at Retro-Games? By getting down and dirty with the stock and working harder than ever before to get more games listed at keener prices.

Retro games business purchased Dec 07

Online game supplier Retro-Games has acquired the website and inventory of Both businesses operate in the used console games industry in the UK.

Retro-Games (online in 2000) stocks used games, systems and accessories for retro and classic games consoles and computers. Retro-Games started out stocking a range of NES, Megadrive, SNES and Spectrum games and games for niche platforms e.g. Vectrex and early handhelds (Wonderswan, NeoGeo Pocket). It hosts a retro museum and information pages for all retro games. The site also has retro-games programming info as well as freeware and in-house P.C. remakes of classic video games to download for free.

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