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Gameboy Color Adventure Games

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Deja Vu I and II
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £27.50 Guaranteed
Solve a duo of film-noir style mysteries in Deja Vu, stepping into the shoes of a crime busting P.I. for two of his greatest and most tense adventures. Both Deja Vu I & II use the same point-and-click adventure interface that requires you search each area carefully for items and things to interact with. More...
Donkey Kong Country
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £16.20 Guaranteed
Adapted from the hit Super Nintendo title, Donkey Kong Country is now rolling its way onto the Game Boy Color. Gamers play as both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in this game, and the objective is to reclaim the cache of delicious, nutritious bananas from the mean, thieving Kremlins. More...
Godzilla the Series
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £9.60 Guaranteed
Giant monsters are attacking Earth, and Godzilla, a 200-foot tall, fire-breathing lizard, is the only thing that can save the world. Unfortunately, the military wants to destroy all giant creatures, good or bad. You take control of Godzilla as he travels through seven action-packed levels. More...
Pitfall Beyond the Jungle
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £6.25 Guaranteed
An evil force known as Scourge is manipulating the Red Lucense in order to take over the jungle. Now it is up to Pitfall Harry Jr. to use the Blue Lucense to restore peace to the land. You control Harry as he battles through 15 levels that span jungles, volcanoes, prisons, and caverns. More...
Quest For Camelot
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £5.65 Guaranteed
This dynamic game is based on the Warner Bros. animated feature length film 'Quest For Camelot'. There are nine worlds and over sixty areas to journey through. Your job is to join the Knights of the Round Table and help stop the evil Ruber from overthrowing King Arthur and taking over Camelot. More...
Shrek Fairy Tale FreakDown
Gameboy Color: 2 used & new from £3.20 Guaranteed
The wackiest computer-animated film of all time has its own classic hand-held game! Boasting fast-paced thrills and the most hilarious characters ever portrayed in a video game, Shrek: Fairy Tales Freakdown turns the story of the film into a fighting game that players of all ages will love. More...
Wario Land II
Gameboy Color: 1 used & new from £15.90 Guaranteed
Wario is back and boy is he ever angry! Captain Syrup and her comrades--who are even more ill-mannered than Wario himself--have swiped Wario's treasure and left his castle thoroughly trashed. Now he's ready to reclaim his treasures. More...
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