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Montezumas Return

Montezumas Return Gameboy Game

Release date: 1998Developer: Utopia Technologies Inc.Publisher: Take 2 Interactive

You are out to find the Aztec treasure in MONTEZUMA'S RETURN. More...

Players: 1 Player
Media: Cart

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Montezumas Return (Original version) Condition: Used - Acceptable
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Montezumas Return Gameboy Gameplay

Full Description

You are out to find the Aztec treasure in MONTEZUMA'S RETURN.

The only skills you have are wits and your jumping ability. You must navigate 150 screens, each of which is constructed of platforms, ladders, poles, and rope. Use the elements of the screen to collect all of the treasure and move on to the next area. However, there are a large number of enemies out to stop you including rolling skulls, spiders, snakes, Aztec guards, scorpions, and spikes. Touch any of these hazards and it's Game Over. Luckily, you can pick up new abilities along the way, like walking through enemies and killing an attacker with one touch. Try to collect all of the Aztec's treasure that you can in MONTEZUMA'S RETURN.

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