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Top Five Super Nintendo Games

There are loads of good quality SNES games out there and choosing our top 5 wasnt easy buut here it is:

SNES Mario KArt Super Mario Kart takes the crown for this great era in gaming history. Shigeru Miyamoto's work of perfection posses gameplay its purest form. The two player battle and match races really get the competitive juices flowing and the one player mode has nice features to keep things interesting- improving your time trial personal bests is a fine art. Check out the Mario kart page
SNES Zelda
Zelda A Link to the past Zelda on the SNES is massive. Just when you think you've finished it, the world turns dark and you realise you're half way. At the same time you never get 'lost', you always know where you're going if not how to get there. There are tons of puzzles, great story and characters, interesting bosses. What more do you want?
SNES Super Probotector
Contra III aka Super Probotector Contra II or Super Probotector in the UK is a classic shooter just stomping from start to finish. Two players blast through 6 nice levels of either side-on or top down action. Good music really pushes the game along, and there are loads of bosses, in fact its almost constant bosses from start to finish. Nice One! More info here
Super Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2 was beautifully converted to the SNES by Capcom and was certainly a flagship game which helped sell the machine (in the UK at least). The feel of the arcade machine was there; the graphics, sound and music were spot on, although the speed suffered slightly on PAL versions . Mario Kart can take it for two player rivalry, though SF2 perhaps has more 1 player longevity.
Cybernator Screen shot Cybernator takes the one-player shoot em up crown. Your 'Assault Suit' can jump, thrust, dash, punch and use various weapons - control is great with a real 'chunky robot' feel. Cybernator boasts many original features. The mode 7 explosions are huge, frequently filling the screen. There is also a fair amount of text conveying anti war storyline. 100% satisfaction.
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