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Top 5 Nintendo 64 Games

  Zelda Ocarina of Time
One of the best games of all time, Zelda - Ocarina of time is a true work of art. Beautiful visuals, immense depth, varied characters, intelligent puzzles, scary bosses - all this and more combine into an epic RPG. Miyamoto does it again. Majora's Mask the follow up is equally as good.
Goldeneye - 007 as a one player 1st person shooter is a very immersive experience. Even Doom was never this good in one player mode. Its not just run around shooting, there is a strong stealth element. You must evade cameras and alarm systems, skip past guard posts, lay mines, save hostages e.t.c. Notably introduced the sniper rifle, enabling you to zoom in on unsuspecting guards and kill them instantly with a shot through the head. Longetivity is maintained with loads of secret options. Unlocking them requiring sheer perfection of particular elements on each level.
  Super Mario 64
The first game on the 64 took games into a new era. 3d had really taken off but no one had really done anything 'next generation' with it, untill Super Mario World. The 3d enviroments are large, and complex, the action is smooth and varied. The game camera always maintains a good viewpoint so its always easy to see whats going on. Easy to finish but getting 100 stars to free Yoshi is a tough challenge.
  WaveRace 64

Wave race remains unmatched for a water sports game. The waves are so realistic that its great fun just splashing about for fun. The water's dynamic nature also makes for some dynamic racing as the waves throw you around. Its a shame that PAL version suffered slightly in speed terms.
  Diddy Kong Racing
Retro games cannot help but think Diddy Kong Racing is what Mario Kart 64 should have been (the latter being poor). It really has got the mario kart feel to it, blatent immitation really. There are loads of varied courses for the four vehicles and actually completing the game is an immense task.
  Sin and Punishment
A fast and furious 3D shootem-up. Supports two players the same time. Attempt to help the innocent victims of a war between mutants and government-assisted forces escape Tokyo by blasting your way out of the city. The visuals and cut scenes are both anime-inspired. One of the coolest N64 games never to be released in Europe.

Passport Boot Code for Sin and Punishment - E93D0054 003F


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The Passport plus III allows to play all N64 NTSC or PAL games on any N64 machine. Additionally it has a built-in cheat code function to allow things such as unlimited energy, life or even discover hidden levels.

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