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We have a small selection of games and systems for sale including the new smaller Japanese model.

NeoGeo Pocket Development


It was a real shame that the NGP was shelved in Europe and the US. But it never really stood much of a chance competing against the Gameboy, which unfortunatly seems to be the case for any one trying to compete in the handheld market these days. Despite this the Neo Geo pocket is an excellent machine with some a wide range of games.

October 28, 1998 Neo-Geo Pocket

The NGP was first released in Japan as with a black and white screen.

CPU: 16-bit
Built-in RTC
Back-up memory.
LCD screen: 160x152 dots, 8 gradients of black and white
Internal RAM: 16 KBytes

June 1, 1999 NeoGeo Pocket Color
The color version was releaased in the United States in June 1999. The new color version is backwardly compatible and will play the original monochrome cartridges

High Reflective TFT Liquid crystal display. 24,320 pixels (160 x 152)
Pixel Pitch 0.3 x 0.3
UK Version comes in 6 colours :
Joystick controller.
Link socket.
Stereo sound.
A new smaller version of the system was released in Japan. These were only a little bit smaller but made it one of the smallest handhelds around.
Neogeo Pocket Games

Games include classics such as Pac-Man and Metal Slug. New original RPG games such as Faselei and Evolution Eternal Dungeon. And, of course, loads of beat'em ups such as King of Fighters and Last Blade. Although getting hard to find recently, there are loads of quality games available.

NeoGeo Pocket monochrome Games

King of Fighters R1

NeoCup 98
NeoGeo Pocket Color Games

King of Fighters R-2

NeoGeo Pocket Accessories
neo geo link up
Link Cable connects two Neo Geo pockets together. Supported by buckets of games such as Last Blade, Faselei or Puzzle Bobble.
neo geo adaptor
Hand rechargable battery pack and AC adapter. The adapter also comes separately.
Dreamcast Link cable. Allows data to be shared with Dream Cast games. Supported by titles such as King of the Fighters which was released on both systems.
Wireless Link Connector, only ever available in Japan.
Official carry case; Never released, although it's possible to get these still.
Pocket Linker.
Bung Enterprises produce a backup / development linker set which enables games and demos to be downloaded onto flash ram carts.
Games come on small carts such as this. A third-party flash RAM cart is also available for developing your own titles.
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Download a NeoGeo pocket version of Manic Miner here.