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Hand Held Machines

This section details the handheld consoles that are available. These are handheld systems which use plug in games on carts or cards. They are often related in some way to a full sized console such as the Sega Gane Gear which is in essence a handheld master system. This is a market totally dominated by Nintendo and the Gameboy series of systems but there are still plenty of interesting alternatives such as the GP32.

Milton Bradley
One if not the first handheld cartridge based systems designed by Jay Smith of Vectrex fame in 1976. Featured a 16 x 16 LCD screen. The console itself is nothing more than controls, LCD panel and a controller chip for the LCD panel. With the game cartridge containing the microprocessor, and ROM.
The best selling computer game system in the world. A huge library of games, all newer versions backwardly compatible and no regional protection. A huge selection of games with more being made every day. Set to continue its dominace of the handheld market with the release of the Advance model.
Game Gear
Basically a handheld version of the Master System, seems big by todays standards but still has one of the largest screens for a handheld to date. A bit heavy on batteries but loads of cheap games available. TV tuner and radio attachments are good but hard to find now.
PC Engine GT
NEC 1990
Slightly smaller than a game gear this is a superb handheld version of the PC Engine. Came with Colour screen and plays HU Card games. Very scarce these days but still available in a few places. Dad a tv tuner available as an attachment as shown but I think this only works in Japan?
The first hand-held color video game system. Sold by Atari. Offers multi-player competition, built-in 3D and distortion graphic effects and a 16bit graphics engine. Ahead of its time really if only it wasnt about the size of a brick. Games came on slimline cards with a curled edge. Raven Games sell them for about £15 still.
Released in 1995, the Sega Genesis Nomad featured a 3.25 inch color LCD screen and received power via six AA batteries, making it the most advanced portable game machine at the time. Basically a handheld Mega Drive.
Neo Geo
Another good handheld that couldnt compete with the gameboy. Still some superb games, a nice TFT LCD screen and a good battery life make this a superb alternative to the GBA. Removed from US and European markets last year its now also ceased production in Japan. Lots of good Neo Geo conversions, beat-em-ups and RPG games.
Bandai Wonderswan Crystal
Only released in Japan the wonderswan is one of the smallest handhelds to date but still has one of the largest screens. Monochome and Colour versions available. Only a Limited amount of games available. Doesnt really stand much of a chance against the Gameboy. Does have some superb accessories such as the wonder borg programable robot bug, wonder wave wireless link and the wonder witch development kit.
Gameboy Advance
The latest 32bit handheld gameboy looks set to take oer the world yet again. Nice size screen, loads of buttons, but best of all loads of SNES titles being converted including mario kart, street Fighter and F-zero which was available at launch. Looks set to dominate the handheld market again.
Handheld system from redant that plays standard Jap NES carts and PAL ones with a conveter supplied with system. Features a colour screen and tv ouptut via optional cable. Screen quality could be better but being able to play all those nes classics without the hassle of setting up a NES is a bonus.
Game Park GP32 GamePark
Featuring a 3.5" Reflective TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320 X 240, USB Port, 32 Bit RISC CPU (ARM9), Wireless multi-player gaming, Internet Connectivity and the ability to play mp3s the gamepark is a superb machine which deserves to do well. Best of all a downloadable gp32 SDK is available now, so expect loads of emulators and downloadable games.




We buy and sell games and accessories for most handheld systems. Please use the links below or email us for specific requests.