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Have some old game systems lying around collecting dust? In most cases we would be glad to take them off your hands! We buy games and game systems outright, or you can trade them in for credit towards the purchase of merchandise.

If you have something you might want to sell please follow these simple steps:


Just send us a list of stuff you'd like us to consider for trade or purchase - as long as there's at least 20 items. Please be specific and include pictures if possible! Make sure you list any manuals and boxes you have, as these will affect the price.Email
If you're not sure what you've got, you can click here to vist our museum section.


After we receive your submission we will calculate an offer for the items. We'll then go over your list and send you a message with the amount we'd be willing to pay or give you store credit for. (Please note that we cannot guarantee an offer will be made, for obvious reasons.)


If you agree with our offer, you can then package up your items and ship them to us. Please ensure all items are carefully packaged to survive the Mail. We recommend systems should be wrapped in bubblewrap and placed in a sturdy cardboard box. Games can usually be sent in Jiffy bags or small boxes. We will not be held responsible for items which arrive damaged. Parcel force are usually the cheapest and easiest service to use and will insure items for a small extra cost but its worth checking before hand if the items will be covered. They are also not known for their careful handling so please follow our guidelines for sending any items.


Upon receipt of your package, we will inspect it to make sure it is as described and test everything to insure items are in working condition. We will then send you payment by cheque or paypal if you are selling us the merchandise or issue you a store credit if you're trading the items in.
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We will update this to help indicate items more or less likely to be of interest to us.


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