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LCD Games List:

Astro Warriors


Back to the heaven

BMX Burner

BMX Flyer

Captain Scarlet Lunarville

Captain Scarlet

Combat Zone

Krazy Kong


Formula 1 Racing

Game Player

Game Wizard

Hero & Princess

Jack & the Beanstalk

King Kong Jungle

King Kong New York

Mini Munchman

Mini Golf

Mr Richman

Mouse Maze

Pocket Pacman

Pocket Scramble

Space Fight


Swords n Serpents


Thomas The Tank Engine

Thunderbirds (various)

The Jungle Book

Wicked Blocks

grandstand electronics

Made and distributed many electronic games in the UK. Often licensed games from companies such as Epoch but did their own as well. Some of the best case designs of the early 80's. Astro Wars is everyone's favourite and was hugely popular at the time.
Invader from space
invader from space
One of Grandstand's first tabletop games was this space invaders clone. Perfect game 99 points on 3 skill levels. Shoot the saucer for bonus points. Really LOUD beeper
AStro Wars Red lettering Version
Astro Wars was licensed from Epoch. and came in 2 versions. There are 4 phases including a good bonus ship docking bit - like moon cresta. Grandstands best game?
grandstand tron
Inspired by the Disney film, Grandstand was the UK distributer for this Tomy game.
Cosmic Invader
Cosmic Invader
Identical to Vtech's Sonic Invader. Also released by Prinztronic as Galactic Invaders
The big game
Soccer game. Simple LED display.
Grandstands only simultaneoues 2 player tabletop game.
Licensed from Epoch, quite a good version of the arcade calssic. Perfect game 3000 points.
Firefox F-7
Inspired by the clint eastwood film. Firefox had 6 phases and 3 skill levels. Featured some unusual sound effects through twin speakers.
Move fast for more points. Perfect game is 1000 points.
Star Force
Star Force Unit
StarWars copy?

The last in the arcade series of the period Star Force is another Vertical shooter with multiple levels and a more detailed display than previously seen.

Firefox Ship

Firefox screen

Crazy monster
Crazy Monster
Help Mr Fred beat the monsters and make trips for water for his orchard.
Also sold by Epoch as Zig-Zag Monster
grandstand caveman
Steal the dinosaur egg. Grandstand distributed this Tomy game in the UK. Comes in gold or red or orange/white case.
muchman tabletop
Fairly decent PAC-MAN clone with
PAC-MAN style yellow case.
Similar to the mini LCD handheld version gameplay wise.
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grandstand munchman


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