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With some of the coolest case designs ever made Bambino games have to be a collectors' favourite. They made a total of 11 games from around 1979-1980. Also notable for being one of the first manufacturers to use VFD displays where sprites were made from shaped coloured bulbs (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)

UFO Master Blaster
UFO Master Blaster Bambino
UFO Master was their first game and is of course the standard space invaders clone in a competely original case design. The actual size of the screen was quite small so the cases were probably an attempt to make there games more interesting as there are hugely oversized compared to the actual inner workings.
Bambino Basketball
This case design was used for three games: Football, Superstar Football and Basketball as shown.

Short Bambino Football MPEG
Race N Chase
Race N Chase
Race N Chase is a huge handheld game and is nearly impossible on the hardest setting. You have to try and catch a gunman on a motorcycle while dodging the oncoming cars.

Short Race N Chase MPEG
Space Laser Fight
Space Laser Fight
This style of case was perhaps less extravagent than the other models but still has plenty of style. Other games using this type of case were: Knock'em Out Boxing and Soccer KicK the Goal.

Safari is the only game to use this shape case. Simple gameplay which involves trapping animals in a cage.
Lucky Puck Ice Hockey
Knock'em Out Boxing
The Complete List of Bambino Games

UFO Master Blaster
Superstar Football
Football Classic
Dribble Away Basketball
Space Laser Fight
Knock'em Out Boxing
Soccer Kid
Luck Puck Ice Hockey
Race N Chase




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