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Atari Jaguar
The Atari Jaguar was arguably the first 64bit console on the market. Arguably basically because not all of it operated at 64bits. It did however have 5 processors and was capable of some impressive stuff at the time. Despite this it never really took off. This was mainly due to some fairly average games and lack of marketing compared to the Playstation et al. Not even Tempest 2000 was enough to save it.

Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar System
The world's first 64-bit home console video game system. Developed after three years of research, manufactured by IBM. It was originally bundled with CYBERMORPH.
Atari Jaguar Specs
5 Processors
32-bit RISC GPU. [programmable]
64-bit RISC Object PU.
64-bit RISC Blitting PU
32 bit DSP.
Also PPU: Motorola 16 bit 68000 running at 13.295 MHz
16.8 million colors of true colour pallette. Programmable processor that can act as a variety of different video architectures, such as a sprite engine, a pixel-mapped display or
character-mapped system.
CD-quality sound (16-bit stereo)
Number of sound channels dependant on software.
2 DAC's.
Stereo capabilities, Wavetable synthesis, AM synthesis, FM synthesis, FM Sample synthesis.
Cartridge slot/expansion port (32 bits), RF video output, Video edge connector (video/audio output)
(supports NTSC and PAL; provides S-Video, Composite, RGB outputs, accessible by optional add-on connector), 2 controller ports, Digital Signal Processor port (includes high-speed synchronous serial input / output), 9600 baud serial port (with optional interface)
Atari Jaguar Peripherals
Atari Jaguar Controller
An 'interesting' choice of controller design by Atari. Loads of buttons were available if required. Some games came with there own overlays.
Atari Jaguar CD
The Jaguar CDROM came as a add on unit. It was famously refered to as a toilet due to its appearance which probably didnt help sales. Only 13 games were actually released for it. They are quite hard to find these days especially still working.
Atari Jaguar TEam Tap
Team Tap:White Men can't jump
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Jaguar VR Headset
VR Headset !
CD MPEG Cartridge
Allows the Jaguar to decode and display full MPEG 1+2 video
Jag Link
Doom supports this.
Memory track.
Plugs into the cartridge slot of the CD-ROM drive. Allows Jaguar CD games to be saved for later play. Holds up to 128K of data.
Atari Jaguar Games
Tempest 2000
Tempest 2000 is the updated version of the classic game Tempest. It features some cool visuals and frantic gameplay. If you own a jaguar this is the game to have.
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Nov 1993
Jaguar Launch

Jun 1993
Tempest 2000 released to rave reviews

Sep 1993
Jaguar CD released

Atari Preservation Society is formed

Feb 1998
Atari sold to Hasbro